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Anastasia Chikezie

The founder and face of Purely Natural by Anastasia

For over 20 years, Anastasia has been a mentor to many people and professionals worldwide. In addition, she has also been a brand ambassador and educator for ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) and Cantu. Anastasia was part of the global promotion of these big brands.

She has always been highly sought after as one of the top Gurus and Experts in her field; as an advocate for natural black hair / natural black hairstyles /and natural black hair products.

Over the last 30 years, Anastasia has been repeatedly asked to be the keynote speaker for talks around the world. She has been invited to lecture and to teach at many prestigious and highly celebrated events, where she has delighted audiences with her passion, inspiration, and the contents of her talks. She always has the latest and most up-to-date information to share that people want to know.

She has championed new products as they come onto the market for curly, textured hair and has been the voice that people want to listen to and want to follow. Over the decades, Anastasia has also appeared in several well-known documentaries and films, talking about her views and opinions on natural black hair in today’s world, the effects on children in schools, and society in general. These programmes have been watched by the masses worldwide.

Anastasia is now well established, well respected, and well known as the go-to expert, and the queen of textured hair care and black hair products.

She is recognised and validated for her “3 E’s” …

1. Her ability to share her EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE.

2. Her confidence to talk about her own journey and EXPERIENCES of natural black hair in all its glory.

3. And her skills and abilities demonstrate her EXPERTISE, by showcasing many of the beautiful, intricate, and regal looking hairstyles, proudly worn and adorned by the many trail-blazing women of colour throughout time. Each inspired by the different ethnic diverse countries she’s visited on her travels from around the globe.

As more women of colour are reclaiming their own hair textures and embracing their unique natural coils, kinks, and curls, women everywhere are accepting their own natural hair types. They understand more deeply, now more than ever, about the positive aspects of looking after their curly hair, by using the right hair products, at the right times and in the right way.

So Anastasia is on a mission to help spread the word, to support others in recognising the beauty and benefits of going natural, so they get to embrace the feelings of freedom that it gives when women of colour finally stop putting all the habitual, harmful, and damaging chemicals on their scalp and in their hair.

When they start feeling comfortable enough to wear their natural hair in beautiful braids, with striking styles and unique patterns, or when they confidently wear their hair out freely as cascading locks, or in soft shapely kinks, or an afro coiled curl… it truly feels liberating!