About Sandalwood hair tools:


  • Also known as Green Sandalwood, Wood of Life, Lignum-vitae, Ironwood and Vera wood.
  • It is one of the densest and finest woods in the world & takes a hundred years before a sandalwood tree reaches maturity.
  • It is the only tree in the world with a heart wood that emits fragrance, a distinctive natural fragrance of Sandalwood that will last for decades.
  • The Sandalwood aroma smells like a cross between jasmines, violet, rose and even with a hint of musk.


Sandalwood Comb Benefits:


  • Prevent bruising or scraping your scalp, much softer & more polished feel than plastic or metal combs.
  • Anti-static, less frizz and hair breakage.
  • Help stimulate scalp and promote healthy hair by distributing the natural scalp oils evenly throughout hair from roots to tips.
  • Prevent hair dryness: reduce split ends and damage to the hair.
  • Detangle textured hair easily.
Sandalwood Comb Features:


  • Sandalwood hair tools are made of 100% high quality natural green Sandalwood.
  • Being a natural product, the actual colour and wood fibre pattern of each comb is different. So, each comb is a unique piece of art in its own right.
  • due to the high density of  Sandalwood, the polished combs carry an ultra-smooth, refined & seamless finish.
  • The hair tools come in a wide variety of choices including – wide teeth, close teeth, very fine teeth.
  • Thickened sides and long handles for ergonomic holding.
  • Contemporary designs specifically for textured hair.


Useful Tips on Hair Care & Maintaining Your Comb:


  • To clean Sandalwood combs, wash lightly in soapy water ( this may darken the wood somewhat)
  • Apply a few drops of the jojoba or coconut oil to the teeth before you use, to bring shine and lustre to your hair.
  • When placed in a closure without ventilation, a thin film of crystalline may form on the surface of the tool, as the natural fragrance of the sandalwood cannot dissipate. This is a natural phenomenon and special characteristic of genuine sandalwood. Just rub the surface gently with a soft cloth and the sandalwood will return to its natural lustre and smoothness.
  • Over time, when exposed to different temperature and light, your hair tools may darken in colour. This is also a natural phenomenon and special characteristic of genuine sandalwood.