Our AWARD WINNING Sandalwood hair tools are made of 100% high quality natural green Sandalwood. The box set comprises of a range of 6 beautifully hand crafted natural Sandalwood Tools. These include combs, a Purely Natural brush and other sleek Purely Natural comb hair styling tools. It's the perfect set for all your hair styling needs and a set you won’t be able to live without. 


Set contains:

x1 Brush

x1 Rat tailed comb

x1 Afro comb

x1 Wide toothed comb

x1 Long handled wide toothed comb

x1 Barber comb


Organic hair butters & oils

Hair Butters & Nectar Oil from Purely Natural by Anastasia
Organic Ingredients
Natural Fragrance
Kind To Skin

Our award-winning and highly commended hair butters and nectar oil, nourish and strengthen hair to reduce breakages and contains many natural health benefits that are necessary for hair growth and hair health. Our hair butter nourishes not just your hair, but at the same time has other positive nutritious effects and health benefits for your body and mind.

Sandalwood hair tools

Sandalwood Hair Tools from Purely Natural by Anastasia
Stimulates Hair Growth
Prevents Tangles
100% Green Sandalwood
Boosts Scalp Circulation

Our hair tools are ethically sourced and hand-crafted from 100% high quality, natural green Sandalwood. They are gentle on the scalp, reduce hair frizz, help prevent split ends and care for damaged hair. These styling tools are also excellent for detangling and distributing our natural scalp oils evenly from the scalp all the way down to the tips of the hair.

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